Thursday, December 14, 2006

so, only three more days of work left - yipee! it feels like there is so much going on right now! I am barely awake this morning and my throat is feeling sore - please stop!

today is going to be a catch up day - doing all those things that just keep getting put off - paperwork, laundry, etc.

I am really looking forward to this weekends activites - musica intima, hanukkah dinner etc. I can't wait to take some time to just enjoy the season - X-country skiing, family dinners, all the holiday fun stuff that i have been having to put off.

i've been getting lots of "miss sommer gifts". Some of these are awesome (starbucks cards - one person gave me a starbucks card with $20 on it!) and some are a little funny (like little christmas decorations that clash with my tree - I just put them on the back!) It's all very sweet and endearing though.

Jingle bells....

Monday, December 04, 2006

the first weekend of december

last nights rain seemed to do away with the last of the snow...getting us back to a wet winter season. the weekend has been good tome. the wine party was very fun and we managed to find a couple really great wines out of it - my favourites being the tres pico borsao and the tres ojos tempranillo. the xmas party at the studio yesterday went very smoothly and it was a very nice afternoon overall. all the performers were good esp my little baby freeze dancers and my modern soloist ( not that i'm biased or anything!)

Today I am going to help rich prep for an audition, go to dance class, write my christmas cards and then later tonight we may hook up with K and K for a dinner date, maybe a movie? we'll see...

I've started reading Antonia Frasers biography of Marie Antionette - very interesting so far.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


so the pics...the starbucks adevent calendar, me and KK at the burlesque beauties show, some quaint snowy vancouver street

what a wonderful weekend! the snow gave everything a little sprinkling of childhood magic...the wonder of our world. I keep hearing cars in the alleyway making crazy slipping, spinning noises. it looks like an ice rink down there. Hudson has been loving it of course. it makes him gallop and hop like a little bunny rabbit.

We went to Richs agency party on saturday - a pajama party! I had my reservations initially but it was actually a blast! everyone looked fantastic and so many people really went for it with the theme! On sunday we just relaxed....sacha and i went for a pedi and she then came with rich and i to watch a screening of a film that our neighbour was in. The rest of the weekend we pretty much hibernated. I have my voice back now but I am coughing and hacking like crazy. its definitely down in the bronchial area for me now and that part is never fun.

This week I have all my regular teaching going on - which is going really quite well, but I am counting the days until Christmas break - 15 work days including today - or three weeks! So many of my classes are going well, and I am eager to work with them, but it is exhausting - esp when you are not feeling 100%.

We are doing our advent activites again thes year and i will try and blog about them! I purchased a really cool advent caledar from starbucks that i think i will continue to re-use - i know i can re-fill it! i believe that our first activity this year is gourmet hot chocolates, which is a repeat from last yera, but there are lots of other new ones this year to keep it interesting.

Coming up this weekend we are hosting a wine tasting party at our place. the theme is spanish wines and there will be cheese and fruit and nuts as well. I actually made three different kinds of spiced nuts last night for the party: greek pistachios, rosemary walnuts and garlic almonds and hazelnuts. I also have my work christmas party/show to attend on sunday. Let the festive season begin!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

and so it goes

what looks sadder than a rotting pumpkin? poor pumpkins. they sure were fun to carve though.

i was craving a sleep-in this morning but managed to drag myself out of bed.

i had a pretty productive night at work last night. I met with one of our costumers and was able to get a few more ideas solidified. I also began choreographing my sr. tap and am very happy with what i've made so far. I have to work on some choreo for my sr. hip hop today...hopefully they can keep their momentum going.

i have an audition this afternoon before heading out to work. really feel like doing something fun tonight! the other night rich and i went for dinner at tapastree at robson and denman - it was so tasty! it was a really nice little date for us to go on.

after i caffeinate myself i am going to take hudson outside and go workout in the gym.

KNOCK ON WOOD!!! i have not gotten sick yet this whole fall cold season. I have been religiously spraying my Immune blend room spray in the studio, on the barres and doorknobs. That stuff is amazing!

Monday, October 30, 2006

sun, wind, cold

the coffee is almost drained from my cup. well, i have ihgh hopes for today. i love having that extra hour! it makes me feel five years younger! today i hope to pay bills ( fun! ) workout, take class, meet with mon and go to a script reading series.

the weekend was lovely - we had a great time having my mom over for her birthday and cooking a big dinner. last night we went to the film haunt - it was a bit hokey but at least all the money went to a great cause. yesterday we went to portobello west which was awesome! i purchased a beautiful necklace from janae chiu designs and also purchased some fold-up reusable shopping bags. then went to granville island with krista and bought some more fabulous olives from the olive lady and a few other delectable foodie items! i love to eat!

this week should be productive - lots of music and costuming things i need to consider and lots of disney planning to attend to.

wish i knew how to play craps, anyone know?

Monday, October 23, 2006

monday seems to be the day for blogging

i am wearing the coziest shirt ever - thanks mum! it is made out of like bambbo fibre! who'd have thought! so it's monday, my day off, i am wearing aforementioned cozy shirt and drinking some coffee. had a deep sleep last night, excellent.

Will be hitting up a street jazz class today at noon and then i have my acting class tonight, last one! until january at least. it's been a great session for me. so much development and realization.

I've been working a bunch over the past few days to put together materials for this meeting i have to hold at the dance studio on tuesday. I've got it down to a two page outline, a 1 page mock budget and a 1 page mock itenirary. still, four pages per person is a lot of paper! so i will print up a couple copies here and then make the rest at the studio.

This week should be interesting...wednesday gonna go to the ghost train! spookky! the theme this year is B-horror movies! hilarious! on Thursday I am going to a gala opening of a musical my boss choreographed - it is a black tie formal event so it should be fun getting super dressed up! Saturday is my moms birthday so we are having her over to cook a special birthday dinner in her honor. Then on sunday we are going to the film haunt @ the bridge studios. i love halloween. I really need to swing by dress sew and create a costume for myself.

October has really been a busy month - i've seen something like 15 or 16 movies, three live performances, gone for one dance audition, and worked out or taken dance class at least every other day. and of course gone to work, done dishes etc all the regular boring life stuff.

Monday, October 16, 2006

not too much to report

am revving up for a full and productive week. Last week i saw a tonne of film fest flics but was left feeling like i didn't get very much "done"...not so this week, i am making sure. today i am: mailing some packages, depositing cheques, taking dance class, getting waxed, rehearsing and then going to class. also this week - the brief encounters show on wed night, and its monicas bday on tuesday!

found some gift certs i am dying to use: pure nailbar, acupunture/acupressure clinic, and lululemon....